Preview – Derren Brown Presents Twisted Tales

Derren Brown Presents Twisted Tales

If you want something scary this Halloween then Britain’s most famous mind manipulator will probably be able to give you the scare you need.

Derren Brown is no stranger in doing scary things on TV. He has previously played Russian roulette live, tricked someone into thinking they have survived the apocalypse, and attempted to convince someone to push a person off a roof to their death. Assumedly, Brown should have no problem trying to scare three horror fans.

Little details of what is happening tonight has been made public. What we do know is that family of the three fans as well as actors are working together, mixing real-life and fiction to give them some scares inspired by the likes of Tales of the Unexpected and the Hammer Horrors.

Derren Brown Presents Twisted Tales is on Channel 4 tonight at 23.05.