Preview – Digging for Britain

Alice Roberts presenting Digging for Britain

Professor Alice Roberts presents a history documentary with a difference as we get down and dirty with archaeologists as they dig on some of the UK’s key historical sites. Filmed throughout 2016 by the archaeologists themselves, the show documents discoveries straight from the trenches – it’s a bit like Time Team, only done seriously.

Providing a fascinating window on the past through centuries-old artefacts which are examined at the Digging for Britain lab, where their stories are pieced together to show our understanding of the heritage of Britain may not be as accurate as we believe.

The North, as the title suggests, uncovers the buried history of the northern regions that have a bloody history of Roman, Viking and Norman invasion. This week, the team visit Britain’s most famous monastery – Lindisfarne – unearthing articles that have not seen daylight since it was violently sacked by the Vikings 1000 years ago; they also probe the incredible discovery of the ancient Scottish man-made islands that entirely rewrite our understanding of Stone Age tech.

Digging for Britain on BBC4 at 9.00pm.