Preview: Doc Martin

Doc Martin - Martin Clunes

Lockdown has been a painful experience and as we emerge from its grasp, we are beginning to see the impact it has had on our TV favourites. EastEnders ran out of episodes, comedy shows with reliance on live audiences suddenly failed to hit the mark and many other shows were simply shelved.

All those cancelled productions, though, mean we have another chance to enjoy the travails of the nation’s favourite grumpy GP who seems to be fonder of his Cornish surroundings than he is of his patients. 

James is teething and nothing seems to be working, so Martin and Louisa try Mel’s suggestion of amber beads.

Elsewhere, Al has a ‘Large Whisky’ order and asks Bert for help, but they will need to get Ruth’s approval to go ahead.

Doc Martin – Tuesday at 7.00pm on ITV.