Preview: Doc Martin

Doc Martin

Martin is called to an emergency at a local farm, but much to his annoyance the sick farmer, Ron Pickford (James Puddephatt) seems well enough to be managing his lambing sheep. Martin is surprised when Stewart James (Ben Miller) jumps out wearing sheep pelts and can’t help but wonder about Stewart’s mental wellbeing, so he encourages him to the surgery for a check-up. Martin is not encouraged by the stray dog, Chicken, that now seems to be part of the Ellingham family.

When Stewart comes to the surgery, Morwenna (Jessica Ransom) inadvertently coerces Al (Joe Absolom) into agreeing to attend a survival course that Stewart is test running. Stewart fears getting the sack if the trial isn’t a success. PC Penhale (John Marquez) joins Al taking it all very seriously. Al thinks they should head home, but Penhale tells Al he’s just jealous that Stewart favours him.

Louisa agrees to help headmistress Pippa (Buffy Davies) and speak at the Portwenn People school assembly, alongside Mrs Tishell, which doesn’t go to plan when several children announce they have a rash. 

Doc Martin – Wednesday at 9.00pm on ITV.