Preview: Don’t Exclude Me

Milton Hall is struggling to help its more troubled pupils – Marie Gentles offers to help. Photo: BBC

Marie Gentles, a behavioural expert specialising in kids, visits Milton Hall Primary School in Southend to meet some of the students the school struggles most with.

With exclusions at their highest in a decade, Marie wants to get to the root of the problem. She previously spent ten years as the head of a pupil referral unit and with this experience outside the norm, Marie knows some of the best ways to engage with pupils and prevent the need for exclusions to begin with.

She starts with eight-year-old Jack, who is struggling to contain his emotions in school. Her second pupil is six-year-old Oscar, who has already had three fixed term exclusions, where he has been sent away from school. At home mum and dad are also struggling to cope – can she help them?

Don’t Exclude Me – Thursday at 9pm on BBC Two