Preview: Don’t Forget the Driver

Toby Jones - Don't Forget the Driver

OTB has put Don’t Forget the Driver is on its final notice. We’ve made it a pick of the day out of some sense of need for it to redeem itself and develop into a comedy worth watching.

Toby Jones isn’t one you’d normally associate with sitcom and much of this six-parter has illustrated why. Great actor that he is, the jump to Mrs Brown’s Boys territory has resulted in a hard landing.

Nevertheless, in this series ender, it’s another early morning in Bognor Regis, as Peter (Jones) and Kayla (Erin Kellyman) get ready for the day. Due to unexpected circumstances, Peter is forced to do a school trip – something he is usually so keen to avoid that he’s had it written into the terms of his contract.

Hilarity must surely ensue!

Don’t Forget the Driver – Tuesday 10.00pm on BBC2.