Preview – Don’t Say It, Bring It

Don't Say It Bring It
Don't Say It, Bring It - Picture shows: Contestants Maeve and Aoife with Jason Byrne. (C) Charlene Farrell / Stellify Media / UKTV.

Dave brings us a new game show hosted by Irish comedian Jason Byrne, which sees him going out on location giving challenges to the public.

The contestants win cash prizes if they are able to answer Byrne’s questions. However, rather than saying the answer, they have to bring the answer physically to him. For example, if the answer to Byrne’s question is a table, they have to bring him an actual table before their time runs out.

Starting with a double-bill, the opening episodes see Byrne going to Newcastle, Belfast, Edinburgh and Whitby.

Don’t Say It, Bring It is on Dave every weekday at 19.00.