Preview: Drag SOS

Drag SOS

The Family Gorgeous meet three people who need drag-queen therapy in Scarborough.

Fitness instructor Mark, who’s 40, has been nominated by his fiancée Laura, who wants him to learn not to be such a control freak. Although he has the body of Adonis, Mark reveals unexpected body image worries as he struggles to let go of his action man persona.

David, who’s 33, has spent much of his life looking after his unwell mother and feels that he’s missed out on trying the adventurous things in life. With the Family Gorgeous’s help, can David discover the femme fatal alter ego he never knew he had?

Fleur, who’s 48, was once a happy-go-lucky drama student, but since she had two children her self-esteem has dipped. Will her new drag persona help her to rediscover her confidence, in time to put on a show-stopping drag performance alongside Mark and David and in front of friends, family and a home crowd?

Drag SOS – Tuesday at 10.00pm on Channel 4.