Preview: Earth: The Power of the Planet

Earth: The Power of the Planet
Come along with Dr. Iain Stewart as he unlocks the powers behind this planet. Photo: BBC

Dr. Iain Stewart presents this geography series about the driving forces and elements behind Earth’s processes. Our planet is unique within the solar system as it had a twin, 4.5 billion years ago, named Theia. Eventually, the gravitational force between the two was too strong and Theia and Earth collided.

When the two planets merged in a molten blur, it increased Earth’s gravity, and allowed it to form an atmosphere; not only that, a chunk of rock was detached and began to orbit the planet – this we call the moon.

Iain travels to the Arizona meteor crater, which reveals the atmosphere’s crucial role in protecting us from bombardment by meteorites. Life on earth only prospers because it is provided with right amount of heat from the sun.

Earth: The Power of the Planet – Wednesday at 8pm on BBC Four