Preview – Educating Greater Manchester

Harrop Fold School

This week at Harrop Fold School, we meet the School’s behaviour team: no nonsense duo Mr Chambers and Mr Ben Povey.

Facing their wrath is 12-year-old Kayden, a frequent friend of the behaviour team. His constant bad behaviour has Mr Chambers close to breaking point. Meanwhile Kayden’s year 11 sister is trying to concentrate on her upcoming GCSE’s and not get caught up in her brother’s trouble.

We also meet 14-year-old Vincent, another boy with a reputation for causing the team trouble. Head teacher Mr Drew Povey hopes a new trial period on the well-behaved Student Council will put him on the straight and narrow.

Finally what happens outside the classroom definitely doesn’t stay there. After her brother is involved in a serious crime in the community, 15-year-old Kim becomes uncontrollable.

Educating Greater Manchester, Thursday, 9 pm – Channel 4

Image: Channel 4