Preview – Educating Greater Manchester

Educating greater manchester

Social media has become a huge part of daily life at Harrop Fold School and, for the teachers, provides a constant battle between students.

In tonight’s episode, they are struggling to contain a Snapchat message that has spread around the school, whilst headteacher Mr Drew Povey tries to keep the peace between two girls who have fallen out over boys and Facetime.

Deputy head Ross Povey tries to motivate 16-year-old Tom to overcome his anxiety and improve his attendance and Miss Bland is hoping to get 11-year-old Caprice back to school after she’s been called names on social media.

It’s also time for The H Factor, Harrop’s all singing, all dancing talent competition; will anxious Tom pluck up the courage to perform alongside teacher brothers Ross and Ben Povey?

Educating Greater Manchester, Thursday, 9 pm – Channel 4

Image: Channel 4