Preview – Educating Greater Manchester

Jack and Rani

The honest and heartfelt series exploring what life is like through the eyes of young students, and the teachers that look out for them, returns.

We all had a tear in our eye as English teacher Mr Burton helped his student Musharaf overcome his stammer in Yorkshire but this series we’re at Harrop Fold Secondary in Salford, Greater Manchester.

The pupils at Harrop are nothing if not topical. We watch as they compare Trump’s hairstyle with Hitler’s, writing rude words on the back of a delivery van, and adjusting to an influx of students from a range of foreign countries.

We meet 11-year-old Rani who is originally from Syria but fled the violence with his family and Year 7 student Jack – a true northern gentleman. A new friendship flourishes between Rani and Jack, and they both claim it will last forever.

Also tonight the school responds to the shockwaves of the terrorist attack at the Ariana Grande concert, which eight of the pupils and one teacher attended.

Educating Greater Manchester, Thursday, 9 pm – Channel 4

Image: Channel 4