Preview: El Presidente

El Presidente

El Presidente, which premiered in 2020, offered viewers a satirical take on the story of the 2015 FIFA-Gate corruption scandal, told through the point of view of Sergio Jadue, former Chilean Soccer Federation president.

This new season takes place across Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa and features the origins of FIFA’s transcendence from a simple sports organization into a commercial and political powerhouse. At the centre of the story is former FIFA president João Havelange, the improbable Brazilian outsider who usurped power from the Europeans and held the reigns of control at FIFA for nearly three decades, transforming the organization into the juggernaut we know today.

If you are curious how Qatar, a footballing minnow with no stadium infrastructure and a questionable record on human rights, landed the chance to host the forthcoming World Cup, this series might offer a few pointers.

El Presidente – from Friday 4 November on Prime Video.

Image: Amazon Studios.