Preview – Elton John: I’m Still Standing, A Grammy Salute

Sir Elton

One of Britain’s most well known musical exports, a paragon of eccentricity and the embodiment of fluorescent colour, Elton John has, is and will continue to be beheld as one a modern musical classic alongside the likes of The Beatles, Queen and David Bowie. As is the pseudo-masochistic custom of the Grammy’s executive producer, Ken Erhlich, a host of modern musicians for a variety of genres came together two days after this year’s award ceremony to honour the legendary English performer.

Through the show, a cast of famous faces will took to the stage in celebration of Sir Elton John with the likes of Coldplay’s Chris Martin, national treasure and teen pop-sensation Ed Sheeran and controversial singer-songwriter Lady Gaga all making an appearance. Alongside them the cast included the likes Miley Cyrus, Alessia Cara, John Legend and Sam Smith, who then performed either solo or in never-before-seen collaborations of Sir Elton’s greatest hits. The concert is now being broadcast on ITV, in a recording of the live-show from Maddison Square.

Elton John: I’m Still Standing, A Grammy Salute – Monday 10:45pm on ITV.