Preview – Escape to the Wild

Jimmy Doherty, Neil, Louise - escape to the wild

Jimmy Doherty is travelling the globe in search of couples and families that have packed up their lives and moved to some of the most remote destinations on the planet.

For some the daily grind of city living is just not worth it. This was certainly the case for a London actress and office worker who moved to the Yukon wilderness in Canada in search of a better quality of life. After three flights and a 25-mile boat trip, Jimmy reaches Neil and Louise’s wild home and it’s imminently clear their lives could not be for different from their city abode.

Many of us often complain that it would be nice to just have some peace and quiet but for Neil and Louise this is all they’ve got. With the Yukon being twice the size of the UK but with just 34,000 inhabitants, their house is incredibly cut off without any electricity or running water.

With winter looming, Jimmy gets to work helping the couple prepare for the impending cold by hunting moose and grouse to make sure they have all the food they need to sit winter out and, to make sure the couple don’t freeze, keep their wood supplies stocked.

The simplicity of life in the Yukon is easy to grasp but is this something that can be enjoyed when the threat of bears and cabin fever is so high?

Escape to the Wild, available on 4 on Demand until 21 March 2017.