Preview – Escape to the Wild

Jimmy Doherty - Escape to the Wild

In the new series of Escape to the Wild, Jimmy Doherty flies across the globe to meet families that have quit the rate race in search of a ‘simpler’ life, but in extreme locations, the daily grind has been replaced with complex measures to ensure the family’s survival.

It’s an idea many of us have toyed with, especially when lying on a beach in the sunshine knowing that the following day it will all be over – what if I lived on my own tropical paradise island?

However, whilst for most this will stay a dream, Sophie and Simon made this their reality. Packing up their life in Surrey, the couple moved to a hideaway island in the Pacific Ocean with their young son, Max. Surrounded by lush rainforest and beautiful coral, Sophie and Simon run a small diving resort on their Indonesian Island. But with the constant threat of extreme weather and the dangerous animals that they live alongside; Jimmy questions the couple’s lifestyle choice. Stuck by the primal nature of the island, Doherty soon learns that to live in complete isolation, it takes a unique strength of character.  

Escape to the Wild, Thursday, 9pm – Channel 4