Preview – Eurovision: You Decide

Eurovision You Decide
Image Credit: BBC/Guy Levy

The British public are facing another all-important vote – who will score nil points in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Let’s face it, we all know we are going to score absolutely nothing. Firstly you get the feeling that no-one in Europe is keen on the UK right now following our decision to leave the EU. The last time we scored nothing, with Jemini in 2003, we faced a backlash because we took part in the Iraq War.

Secondly, none of the choices seem to be worthy of any mention. Every single one of them was a reject on The X Factor. Thus, we are sending singers who we know are not the best, during a time where nearly every other country in the UK hates us. Pity the poor host Mel Giedroyc for having to sit through all this.

Eurovision: You Decide is on BBC Two at 19.30.