Preview – Everest: The World’s Greatest Mountain


Few things in the world evokes as much awe and live up to the spectacle of Everest: The world’s greatest mountain. Its natural simplicity along with its sublime majesty make it one of the most iconic and beautiful landscapes on earth, making it a popular tourist hot-spot and also a home to the plethora of local fauna and brave people who live in its shadows.

The Channel 5 series explores just that, revisiting archive footage of Edmund Hillary and the Sherpa Tensing Norgay – a pair of intrepid climbers who battled to the mountian’s summit in 1953 – while exploring the forces that created the mountain 50 million years ago. The programme is part of a series which Channel 5 will be broadcasting which collectively focus on a number of the world’s most iconic mountains.


Everest: The World’s Greatest Mountain – Tuesday 9:00pm on Channel 5