Preview: Extinction Rebellion – Last Chance to Save the World

Extinction Rebellion

2019 has seen a global step-change in public attitudes to the climate crisis, driven in part by a radical, new protest movement. Oxford Circus and other central London locations were ground to a halt in April in the name of saving the planet. In this timely and powerful documentary, reporter Ben Zand gains access to the protest group at the forefront of the fight, Extinction Rebellion.

In the first film to get inside the new climate movement, this one-off documentary for BBC Three reveals how Extinction Rebellion has mobilised a generation to take radical action to help save the planet from climate change.

For four months, Ben follows some of the group’s key, younger members, as they build towards ‘the rebellion’ – 11 days of London protests in April, staging a peaceful takeover, and occupation of four ‘iconic’ locations around the capital city. Many are not only protesting for the first time in their lives, but are also putting their liberty on the line to demand radical action from the government.

Ben is there as they organise street protests and direct actions, risking arrest for their commitment to the cause. Ben meets three young Extinction Rebellion protesters who have been inspired to join and lead the movement:

Sixteen year-old Dani from South London has never been on a protest before. Since joining Extinction Rebellion in 2018, she’s co-organised nationwide school strikes.

Sam is 22 and a recent graduate, but now works full-time for Extinction Rebellion and is willing to get arrested again and again until something changes.

Eighteen year-old Jack joined the movement recently. He’s inspired by the tactics and research laid out by Extinction Rebellion and has an eye on organising controversial splinter actions for the movement.

Ben also spends time with the leader of the movement, Roger Hallam, who has spent years academically researching tactics for social change. He says you need 2,000 people to get arrested and 400 people to go to prison if you want the government to meet your demands. Ben challenges him on his methods and asks whether it is ever justifiable to encourage young people to break the law, even for a greater good.

Extinction Rebellion – Last Chance to Save the World – From Wednesday on BBC Three and iPlayer.