Preview: Extraordinary Extensions

Extraordinary Extensions - Tinie Tempah
Extraordinary Extensions will open up more than doors for hopeful homeowners. Photo: Channel 4

Tinie Tempah presents this epic new architecture series that follows UK homeowners who need just a little more room. With a keen interest in property and design, Tempah follows avid designers as they tackle beautiful, often radical extensions.

In the first episode, Tinie Tempah views an extension happening by the sea in Hampshire, with a cost in excess of £1 million, owned by primary school teacher Amy, and her professional gambler husband Simon. They set out to breathe new life into three derelict buildings with one, uncompromising giant glass structure.

After that it’s off to Herefordshire, where a multigenerational living space is being built beneath a bold, angular ski slope roof. Retired couple Alan and Linda, and Alan’s elderly father want to live out their days in a radical but comforting space of their own design.

Extraordinary Extensions – Wednesday at 9pm on Channel 4