Preview – Extreme Wives With Kate Humble

Kate Humble with the village wives

In the final episode, Kate heads to Shillong in northeast India in search of one of the world’s last matrilineal societies. A society in which all property and the family name is passed down the female blood line.

Here she meets Shitoah the youngest daughter of a family (the Khatduh) and the most important family member – as she will marry last she is the most able to take care of her ageing parents – and another Khatduh who is working as a police woman.

However, Humble later discovers that the matrilineal system doesn’t always work for everyone. It’s now common for couples to cohabit rather than marry, which makes it easier for disenfranchised men to walk away from their responsibilities as fathers.

Extreme Wives With Kate Humble, Friday, 9 pm – BBC Two

Image: BBC