Preview – Farenheit 451

Farenheit 451

Ray Bradbury’s dystopian thriller comes to life in 2018’s adaptation of the acclaimed novel. Ironically set in a censored Cold War America where books are illegal and “firemen” are hired to conduct Nazi-esque mass book-burnings, the adaptation of the 50s novel stars Michael B. Jordan as main character, Guy Montag, who is pitted against his former boss, Captain Beatty, who is played by Michael Shannon.

Guy Montag is a fireman – one of many men hailed as heroes for ridding the American state of all forms of literature other than comic books, sex magazines and trade papers to accommodate the shortening attention span and increasing affinity to mainstream media of the American people. After meeting a young neighbour, who’s a free-thinking and radical approach to life inspire something within him, Montag begins to questions the values he upholds and the ideals by which his compatriots live. In a world where books are outlawed, Montag finds himself walking a dangerously fine line as he indulges his new-found curiosity and begins to challenge the status-quo.


Farenheit 451 – Sunday 10:00pm on Sky Atlantic.