Preview: First Dates

First Dates

Into the restaurant tonight comes birthday girl Theodora, who ended her marriage of 46 years and now she’s searching for romance. Widower Simon promised his wife he would find love again after she passed.

Truck driver Beth has come to the restaurant in search of her happily ever after. The only female driver at her company, 35-year-old Beth is fed up with flying solo. Beth’s date happens to be a freelance pilot called Aristos, who rarely encounters women in his day-to-day life. Aware that he might not understand women as a result, can Aristos learn on the job with Beth?

Last up is 27-year-old joiner Connor, who’s keen to prove he’s not just after a good time but is ready for something serious. Connor and cruise ship performer Stephanie have an almost instant chemistry. 

First Dates – Thursday at 10.00pm on Channel4.