Preview – First Dates: Valentine’s Special

First Dates: Valentine's Special

Chances are if you haven’t yet got the card/flowers/chocolates or whatever trivial trinket you think encapsulates the spirit of Valentine’s Day by 9.00 pm on the 13th of February, it is safe to say you’ve missed the boat. Fear not, though, you can live out your romantic side by proxy as the First Dates restaurant, welcomes a special selection of singletons looking for love.

Coiffured PA Azedeh suffers from the misconception that she’s materialistic but wants to show that there’s more to her than meets the eye. Her date is e-tech boffin and lover-of-life Ollie who bounds into the date and bowls her over from the off. And a mutual love of pina coladas and unorthodox dating venues sends these two into a Valentine’s frenzy.

Comedian Vince has rarely received Valentine’s cards from anyone other than his mum but will his luck change when he meets Brigitte Bardot lookalike, Anna?

Retired NHS councillor Elaine is making up for lost time. She sacrificed her love life to bring up her daughter but is now looking for a twinkle-toed gentleman who can sweep her off her feet. Music producer Steve has all the right moves and they have instant chemistry.

Peter described himself as an ‘asexual Asian nerd’ at high school, where he threw himself into his studies to avoid confronting his sexuality. Having built his confidence, he’s now looking for a ‘Norse God’ to fall head over heels in love with. Enter Gregor: a tall, confident German shoe manufacturer with a love for all things inappropriate. Peter’s clearly impressed with Gregor’s looks but what will he think of his frankness and impropriety?

First Dates: Valentine’s Special – Monday 9.00pm on Channel 4