Preview – Flatliners


What happens when you die? The age-old question forms the premise of this 2017 thriller which sees a group of medical students effectively stopping their own hearts before resuscitating themselves in an attempt to master death. A sequel to the 1990 film of the same name, Flatliners features a cameo from star of the original, Keifer Sutherland, while the main-cast consists of Ellen Page, Keirsey Clemens, James Norton, Diego Luna and Nina Dobrev.

Ambitious medical student Courtney – who’s incidentally obsessed with death and the afterlife – enlists a group of her fellow students to help with a daring experiment she has devised to help better understand what happens when people die. She asks her two friends, Jamie and Sophia, to stop her heart via defibrillation before resuscitating her one minute later. The experiment, somewhat surprisingly, garners a positive response, boosting Courtney’s neurological functions, intelligence and memory which prompts the others to volunteer to perform the experiment for increasing longer periods of time on themselves. However, as the students continue to test the boundaries between life and death, they begin to experience some unforeseen consequences and begin to learn that some things are just not meant to be meddled with.

Flatliners – Friday 10:45pm on Sky Cinema (Sci-fi and Horror).