Preview – Food Unwrapped

Kate Quilton - Food Unwrapped

Things get a pick prickly in Food Unwrapped this week, as Kate Quilton heads to Ghana. She learns that pineapples contain a special enzyme that destroys dead skin cells in your mouth and exciting news is revealed that scientists have recently found a ground-breaking new use for this enzyme: treating burns victims. Back in the UK, Kate meets a former soldier whose horrific injuries are being healed with pineapple extract at the Queen Victoria Hospital in West Sussex.

Vitamin D, which has recently made headline news, could be more important to our health than originally thought. Jimmy investigates the catastrophic effects of not getting enough of this vital vitamin – he meets a brave young boy suffering from rickets, and discovers the surprising origin of the fortified vitamin D that’s added to many supermarket foods.

With spring just around the corner, Matt travels to Lincolnshire to discover how UK business produces one and a half million bottles of elderflower cordial without employing a single flower picker.

Food Unwrapped, Monday, 8.30pm – Channel 4