Preview – Food Unwrapped

Jimmy Doherty

Returning for a new series, peeling the wrappers off all of our favourite foods, Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton and Matt Tebbutt travel the world uncovering the surprising facts behind the food we eat.

The change in sea temperatures is having a series impact on sea life. Jimmy heads to Thailand – a country seafood obsessed – to see how global warming is affecting local squid fisherman.

With so many people popping vitamin pills every day, Kate investigates how important these multivitamins are, and heads out to discover where they actually come from. To help we her investigation, Nasa astronauts let her in on some space nutrition secrets.

Also tonight, Matt visits the largest clotted cream producer in Cornwall and an algae farm in Israel, to uncover what gives the scone topping cream its distinctive colour.

Food Unwrapped, Monday, 8.30pm – Channel 4