Preview: Food Unwrapped

Food Unwrapped
What’s the reason behind all the plastic that hugs our food so tightly? Photo: Channel 4

The team uncover how the UK food industry is meeting the challenges of our changing climate. Kate Quilton investigates why cucumbers come wrapped in so much plastic and discovers a British innovation hoping to tackle our supermarkets’ reliance on plastic for fruit and veg. 

Amanda Byram finds out what happens to the 10 million pumpkins Brits dump every year after Halloween and the impact it has on greenhouse emissions. Matt Tebbutt checks out one of the biggest carbon emitters of the whole food industry: meat production. 

He explores a new UK-based protein source that could help cut the nation’s reliance on foreign soy, which endangers rainforests.

Food Unwrapped – Monday at 8pm on Channel 4