Preview – Food Unwrapped

Matt Tebbutt - Food Unwrapped

From shelf, to trolley, to plate, most of us never really question where our food comes from and why should we – fresh produce is available at supermarkets everyday and having passed rigorous food standard tests, we know that what we are eating is what it says on the packet.

But the food we pick off the shelves has been on quite a journey to reach our table, so Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton and Matt Tebbutt are on a quest to uncover the truth behind the food we eat every day.

Have you ever wondered why brands of tea selling the same end product differ in price? Well Jimmy heads to one of the world’s largest tea plantains in Kenya to discover why, only to find that no two batches are the same. So then how do the manufactures produce the same flavour in each loved brew? – With the help of a super taster whose taste buds have been insured for £1 million.

Whilst Jimmy is tea tasting, Matt stays closer to home diving into Cornish waters to try some edible seaweed that has taken supermarkets by storm and Kate gets a taste for rosemary, discovering that the sweet smelling herb is surprisingly in a lot more products than you’d think.  

Food Unwrapped – Monday, 8.30, Channel 4