Preview – Fortitude

Eric ( Björn Hlynur Haraldsson)

There’s a demon among the flock, and this week in the Sky Atlantic thriller it is about to make its presence known.

As a mysterious figure roams across the Arctic tundra, Eric and Hildur consider Dan’s mental and physical state and ponder what he might of have been capable of during his wanderings.

The police follow their first lead and uncover the dark past of the beheading victim, but Ingrid discovers something that troubles her. Could someone she loves be involved?

Hildur meets with the Fortitude Arctic Research Centre’s newest member Dr Khatri (Parminder Nagra)who is an expert in viruses and pathogens, and despite local opposition is treating a comatose Elena.

Michael (Dennis Quaid) is still peeved that persons unknown sabotaged his boat just as he received a tip-off about a huge cast of King Crab but he is forced to put his own woes to one side when the local school has an unexpected and dangerous visitor.

Fortitude – Thursday 9.00pm Sky Atlantic & NOW TV