Preview – Game of Thrones

Daenerys and Jon Snow Game of Thrones

So, episode five, what could there possibly be to talk about? Well, there is the small matter of last week’s cliff hanger which saw Jaime Lannister apparently sinking to a watery grave. GoT fans, however, have learned to take ambiguous deaths with a cart load of salt – ever since Jon Snow did a Bobby Ewing at the start of season six, most of us are wise to the trick.

Catching up on the fallout and debris of Daenerys’s Drogon-powered Lannister barbecue seven days ago, this is an episode of new alliances, reunions and potentially ruinous sibling rivalry. There’s also a bit of tidying up of bloodlines which works in the favour of Sam Tarly.

No sooner has demon-eyed killbot, Arya, got her feet under the table at Castle Black than she starts to question the authority of sister Sansa, and with a few carefully positioned nudges from Littlefinger, Arya starts to give her sibling the type of look she reserves for those on her ever expanding kill list.

Meanwhile, Jon Snow and Daenerys haven’t managed to hit it off as a couple and he heads north of the wall to capture one of the walking dead as proof to those in the sunny south that the threat of the wight walkers and the army of the dead is real and imminent.

Game of Thrones, episode 5, Eastwatch – Monday at 9.00pm on Sky Atlantic and Sky Go.