Preview – Gangsters: Faces of the Underworld


You get the feeling, with London’s recent knife crime epidemic seemingly in full swing, that modern “gangsters” could learn a thing or two from the past. With so called modern gang crime being conducted in an unapologetically brazen manner and with such a lack of meaning or purpose –  a stark contrast to the days of shadowy “firms” and the grimy swagger of the country’s criminal underworld – it seems the days of true gangsters are long gone. With tracksuits replacing tuxedos and the sense of ‘honour among thieves’ seemingly lost to time, this six part documentary series looks back on the heyday of British Mobsters.

Cue Bernard O’Mahoney, a former member of the notorious Essex Boys Firm turned true crime author, who presents this 2014 documentary series, now broadcast on London Live. In the first episode of the series, Bernard travels to Glasgow to speak to the likes of Scottish Mobsters Walter Norval, ‘Mad’ Frankie Fraser and Paul Ferris.


Gangsters: Faces of the Underworld – Monday at 9:00pm on London Live.