Preview – Generation Screwed

George lamb

George Lamb – radio and television presenter  predominantly credited with presenting on BT Sport – ditches the cosy television studios to  investigate whether young people have actually been “screwed over” and whether they have more or less of a chance at success than the generations which came before them. In this 40 minute long one off documentary, Lamb distances himself from his self-confessed metropolitan bubble and meets a number of young people across the country to hear from the voices who have been left out of the mainstream media debates.

He meets the “just about managing” including a nuclear protestor up in Scotland, social housing activist in Brixton and a young mum in Milton Keynes who feels neglected by her local council. With the repercussions of gentrification being keenly felt by the majority of people across the UK, this documentary sets out to explore some of the big questions that face young people in Britain today – and asks who is responsible for making a change.


Generation Screwed – Tuesday 11:15 pm on BBC1.