Preview – George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces: WWII Special

George Clarke's Amazing Spaces: WWII Special

Uncovering the most spectacular and unique design, George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’ explores the extraordinary world of miniature architecture, where, even the smallest of spaces, have been transformed into beautiful, functioning homes and businesses.

In this Special episode we meet Jan Fursier, daughter of a World War II Japanese war Prisoner, Reg. Whilst rummaging amongst her father’s wartime diaries, Jan stumbled across an illustration her father drew during his captivity, of an accurate, step-by-step guide to building a 1930s caravan.

Alongside discoveries of what life was really like for the prisoners and stories of bravery and resilience, George and Will Hardie help Jan bring her father’s drawing to life, carefully considering every little detail.

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, Tuesdays at 8pm – Channel 4