Preview – Ghostbusters (1984)


A film which needs no introduction – from its iconic soundtrack to its characters and stories smacking of 80s nostalgia – Ghostbusters has been etched into pop-culture history and stands the test of time three decades later. Starring Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis as the eponymous group of paranormal investigators, the film combines the threats and thrills of the fantasy genre with the innocent silliness of slapstick comedy.

The film begins with a group of university parapsychologists – Peter Venkman (Murray), Raymond Stantz (Aykroyd) and Egon Spengler (Ramis) – being hired to investigate paranormal activity in a New York library. After being scared away by an actual ghost however, losing their jobs in the process, the trio form the Ghostbusters – a agency devised to combat and capture ghosts in the New York area. With demand growing they recruit fourth member, Winston Zeddemore (Hudson) and begin to do what the title of the film suggests; “bust” ghosts. Things escalate massively however as the Ghostbusters are sucked into a fight with a demonic demigod and his master; a Sumerian god of war and chaos named Gozer. As the team battle to stop the rampaging demonic forces, will they be able to stop their ghostly enemies before the portal to their realm consumes the whole of New York?

Ghostbusters (1984) – Monday 9:00pm on Sky One