Preview: Ghosts


We return to the antics of our restless ensemble as they discover more and more about their still-living roommates, and in the process, learn more about themselves.

This time, a mysterious visitor arrives at Button House, with a revelation that leaves Alison reeling. Thomas is equally confused by his feelings for this strange visitor, while Lady Button and Julian are afraid they might have more sinister motives, and Kitty is territorial as ever over her surrogate sister Alison.

Mike has an epiphany on his first day at a new job, which triggers Julian to remember his first day as a ghost. But will their insights be enough to help Alison make sense of the overwhelming news she’s received?

As the story continues, we get to know these characters better and better, and this episode is one chock-full of surprises that will leaving you hanging on for the next instalment!

Ghosts – Monday at 8.30pm on BBC One