Preview: Gino’s Italian Express

Gino D'Acampo

Gino’s journey begins in the Italian capital of fashion – Milano. Here he visits a local institution, an elegant cocktail bar who were the first to introduce the idea of the aperitivo in Milan.

Milan Central is one of the busiest train stations in Europe and it is the epitome of Fascist grandeur – an impressive starting point for Gino’s train journey to the town of Treviglio. Treviglio is the home of Bianchi bikes, the first mass manufactured bicycle in the world. Gino gets an exclusive tour inside the factory before test riding one of their latest electric bikes alongside a group of local cyclists.

Inspired by his visit to Milan Gino cooks traditional Milanese Veal for the cyclists before getting back on the train to the medieval town of Bergamo. Here he meets local ice cream maker Niccolo who’s family created one of Italy’s most loved ice cream flavours, Stracciatella! It’s the perfect accompaniment to Gino’s dessert of lemon biscuits, which he prepares in the kitchen of one of Bergamo’s hidden gems. Il Circolino is a cooperative restaurant tucked away in a side street of the old town, where the local pensioners have a game of cards with a glass of wine, and while away the hours.

Preview: Gino’s Italian Express – Thursday at 8.30pm on ITV.