Preview: Gomorrah

Carlo Caracciolo and Andrea Di Maria - Gomorrah

From a 2006 book by Roberto Saviano a movie and this critically acclaimed drama series have been spawned. Gomorrah is an unflinching sewer-level antidote to the wise guys mafia myth, which takes the likes of The Sopranos, beats it to death and dumps it in an unmarked grave. 

Now onto episodes nine and ten of this compelling fourth season, the Forcella clan come under attack from the Capaccos as they attempt to cut them off from their drug supplies.

Increasingly isolated and without any product, Enzo risks losing not just his territory but also the loyalty of his men. But he finds help from a most unexpected ally.

Then, as Patrizia discovers that her father-in-law has been behind her recent misfortunes, she must choose whether to give into the patriarchy and hand over power to Mickey, or start an open war with the family of the man she loves.

Gomorrah – Wednesday at 9.00pm on Sky Atlantic and Now TV.