Preview – GPs Behind Closed Doors

GPs Behind Closed Doors

This fascinating observational documentary series – which gives viewers a unique and often humbling insight into the private world of a local GP surgery – returns on Wednesday for its sixth season, offering a fantastic window into the lives of the men and women whose tireless work keeps Britain fit and healthy.

GPs see a lot of things – from the grotesque and repulsive to the bizarre and almost whimsical – and thanks to this Channel 5 documentary series, so too do we. This week, Dr Tatham tries to remedy a teenager’s video-game-induced insomnia while elsewhere Dr Hafeez meets a woman whose rare adult chickenpox requires hospital treatment. A father of five goes under the knife for a vasectomy and the GPs work around the clock to treat a 5-year-old whose showing signs of a rare ailment which can eventually lead to serious heart problems.


GPs Behind Closed Doors – Wednesday 8:00pm on Channel 5.