Preview: Grand Designs

Grand Designs
Kevin is unsure how far this build can go, but has hope for Gretta’s family who are stronger together. Photo: Channel 4

In this episode, Kevin McCloud meets teacher Gretta, who moved to Malaysia 17 years ago with her husband Ray and two children. When Ray passed away unexpectedly, it tore apart their plans for the future and Gretta returned to the UK.

With no option than to move forward with confidence, Gretta has bought up a plot of land from her sister and brother in law and employed her young nephew Carlos to design a new home. It is a Malaysian-inspired, single-storey building featuring a burnt wood and glass pavilion. Her brother in law has stepped up as project manager, despite limited experience.

With an initial budget of £300k and just seven months to build, it’s ambitious. The Covid-19 pandemic begins alongside site clearance and the family must step up, even when that means admitting defeat and turning for help.

Grand Designs – Wednesday at 9pm on Channel 4