Preview: Grand Designs

Grand Designs
Kevin, Rob and Ruth are in for a one in a million job. Photo: Channel 4

Kevin McCloud never tires in his quest for finding ambitious self-built projects, and this week sees one of the most ludicrous concepts put into practice. Adventurous Cumbrian couple Rob and Ruth have fallen in love with a crumbling ruin, which was a 200-year-old former blacking mill that’s been made a scheduled ancient monument by Historic England.

The site cost £110,000 and for that money, they wish to preserve the original structure as much as possible, planning to slot new timber-clad, modern building materials within the walls, to give a collage effect. They hope to complete it in 18 months with just £250,000.

It is a Ship of Theseus question in the end, as Ruth and Rob must rebuild the ancient structure around their new design, how much of its timeless magic will be lost?

Grand Designs – Wednesday at 9pm on Channel 4