Preview: Grand Designs

Grand Designs
Will Geoff’s ambitious flood-proof house sink or swim? Photo: Channel 4

Kevin McCloud takes a look at the ambitious self-built projects on their way in the world of architecture. For ex-advertising man Geoff, who’s decided to spend his golden years building a dramatically cantilevered steel-framed house on a flood plain, retirement is not a time to rest.

At 63 years old, Geoff is selling his luxury Spanish villa and takes on his biggest challenge yet, an Essex coast architectural marvel, built to be flood-resistant and estimated at a whopping £700,000.

His daughter thinks it is risky for Geoff to sink ever penny he has into this project, and he moves to a small caravan onsite. Through wind and rain he is managing this dream house, intended to outlast a thousand years of flooding.

Grand Designs – Wednesday at 9pm on Channel 4