Preview: Grand Designs

Kevin McCloud - Grand Designs

Lighthouses pepper our coastline, often precariously perched on wild, inaccessible spots. They are cramped, vertical and not intended to be lived in full time, let alone by a family. For most people, living in a lighthouse is pure fantasy. Not so for Edward and Hazel Short and their two young daughters.

Back in 2012, Edward and Hazel set out to build a brand new, art deco, shining white lighthouse tower with additional bedrooms, guest rooms, and infinity pool on the side – all on a rugged but beautiful clifftop in north Devon. They spent £1.4 million on their plot and intended to spend £1.8 million more on their four-storey lighthouse home. But almost immediately their wildly optimistic plan runs into trouble. The lender that had agreed their huge £1.8 million loan pulls out and Edward is forced to radically re-think.

This is an epic tale of financial brinkmanship, with the chances of completion a cliffhanger as precarious as the lighthouse itself.

Grand Designs – Wednesday at 9.00pm on Channel4.

Photo: Andy Buchanan.