Preview: Guilt

Guilt - Jamie Sives

Jake and Angie’s blossoming relationship creates difficulties between the brothers, leading Max to take decisive action against his sibling.

Jake and Angie’s tentative relationship hits a problem as he grows suspicious of his new girlfriend – but Angie manages to soften his worries. Jake wants to make things work but Angie gives him a reality check – they can’t live off Jake’s record shop, given that Max controls the finances. This gets Jake thinking: he needs to take action and break the hold Max has over him.

However, Jake’s Leith Beats record shop is actually a front for a complicated – and illegal – financial scheme set up by Max. With Jake now asking questions, pressure mounts on Max from another, sinister, source. It appears a payday loans company is actually behind the investment in Jake’s shop, which is really a front for a shady businessman, Roy.

Max is told in no uncertain terms to make sure his little brother continues to play nicely. Unable to control Jake, Max takes matters into his own hands – with shocking results.

Guilt – Wednesday at 9.00pm on BBC Two.