Preview – Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann

When I first began working for OTB I wrote a column about Japanese anime, a column that will return soon. Now, my favourite anime of all is being shown on British TV.

Annoyingly for me however, they are only showing the English dub version of the sci-fi comedy drama Gurren Lagann which I’m not keen on; and it is on Viceland, a channel only available to Sky subscribers, but the series will also be made available on Now TV so it will be more accessible.

You can learn more about Gurren Lagann in my old column, but to sum the series up quickly, it is probably the single most over-the-top show in the world, with huge personalities, gigantic machines, massive drills, and at the end a gigantic bipedal tank that is the size of the entire universe. Now that’s big!

Gurren Lagann is on Viceland every weekday at midnight and is available on Now TV.