Preview – Hamlet (2017)

Hamlet Almeida

From the elusive mastermind and adversary of Sherlock Holmes to the brooding prince of Denmark, Andrew Scott makes his Almeida Theatre debut alongside a talented cast in this thrillingly intelligent 2017 production of Shakespeare’s classic; Hamlet. Recieving rave reviews and with the theatre inundated with requests for a screened performance for cinema or television format, Robert Icke’s 2017 production is now scheduled to be televised this easter weekend.

The cast, featuring Angus Wright as Claudius, Juliet Stevenson as Gertrude and Andrew Scott as the tragic anti-hero, is mesmerising in this rendition of the play – alternatively adapted into a modern context – while elsewhere Robert Icke’s deft direction and Hildegard Bechtler’s set really emerse the audience in Shakespeare’s harrowing drama. With this being arguably the most accessible productions of the play thus far for a modern audience, this performance is sure to encapsulate anyone from literature buffs to the causal viewer.


Hamlet (2017) – Saturday 9:00pm on BBC2