Preview – Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule

Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule

Harry Hill has yet to find a success as big as TV Burp since it ended, but his new ITV show might be a hit.

As you expect with Hill, it is a very bonkers set-up. It is a panel show – with the premise being that aliens are about to invade the world. To stop them, Hill has been tasked to create capsule full of fun things to persuade the aliens that humans are worthy of saving. The fun items in question are suggested by two celebrity teams, with Hill deciding which things are best.

The guests for the opening episode are comedians Sara Pascoe and Josh Widdicombe, ex-Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher and Casualty’s Patrick Robinson. Should be interesting to see how the soap stars do, as they are rare faces on comedies like this.

Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule is on ITV at 20.30.