Preview – Has Political Correctness Gone Mad?

Trevor Phillips

A quick look at any of blurbs describing this programme will automatically indicate that it is more than a little biased. If you want to save yourself the time and effort of watching it, let’s just say that to presenter Trevor Phillips the answer is “Yes”.

Phillips argues that political correctness has stopped political debate, which has in turn led to left-wing liberal activists, especially students, living in their own bubble and thus becoming surprised when facing populist backlashes and people voting for Brexit and Trump. He mainly attacks that ideas of “safe space” and “no platforming” practiced by Student Unions, with Phillips looking at some bizarre examples, including the sacking of a Nobel prize winning scientist for telling a non-PC joke and students who want to ban people who cross-dress for fun.

While I do agree that safe space and no platforming are bad ideas and appear to backfire, the problem with shows like is that some of the people who make the arguments against political correctness are just as infuriating at the other side. You get the feeling that this show like this are somehow made by the Daily Mail,, the spirit of Paul Calf, and hypocritical comedians who use freedom of speech to defend really offensive jokes but are more than happy to tell hecklers to shut up.

Has Political Correctness Gone Mad? is on Channel 4 at 21.00.