Preview – Have I Got News for You

Have I Got News for You 2
(C) Hat Trick Productions. Photo by Ray Burmiston.

Last week’s episode demonstrated one problem that HIGNFY has: being recorded the day before it is transmitted, rather than on the day itself.

Because it is recorded on Thursdays, last week’s episode missed the resignation of Theresa May. Luckily it will still be able to cover this and the European Elections today. Richard Ayoade is tonight’s host, with Paul and Ian joined by Richard Osman and Kiri Pritchard-McLean.

However, there is still one even bigger issue on the horizon. American satirist Tom Lehrer said that satire died when they gave Henry Kissinger a Nobel Peace Prize. If HIGNFY is responsible for popularising Boris Johnson enough to make him the next PM, does that mean satire has become a zombie coming to attack us?

Have I Got News for You is on BBC One at 21.00.