Preview: Heaven Made

Heaven Made
The sisters are set to impress with their traditionally handmade Christmas gifts. Photo: BBC

We go behind the walls of religious orders across England and Ireland to meet Benedictine nuns and monks who for centuries have devoted themselves not just to prayer and work but to keeping ancient crafting traditions alive. 

We join the Benedictine sisters of the Kylemore Abbey on the West Coast of Ireland to meet Sister Genevieve and the team of nuns and lay staff who are busy making their sought-after Christmas hampers.

The monks at St Augustine’s Abbey in Chilworth, Surrey are also gearing up for the festive season. Brother Simon, a postulant, is busy producing one of their latest products that they’re hoping will be a big seller at Christmas, Rosary beads.

On the Isle of Wight at the neo-gothic, red brick Quarr Abbey, in an area of outstanding natural beauty, Father Gregory works with tenant farmer, Matt Legg to ensure their restaurant is well stocked with local meat in time for the Christmas menu.

Heaven Made – Sunday at 11.30am on BBC One